Legal Eagles lost in the (i)Cloud

Claims by the unincorporated Australian Bar Association and the NSW Bar Association against Australian Barrister, Derek Minus regarding use of domain names claimed by the Associations has been denied by a World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) panel. Their decision was that: “The Panel is strongly of the view the Complainants should never have contemplated consolidation.. read more →

05 Sep 2014
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ABA nominates own members to resolve “austbar” name dispute

Another year, a new president and another law suit from the Australian Bar Association (ABA). Eschewing the opportunity to engage in a dispute resolution process with The Hon Murray Gleeson AC QC former Chief Justice of the High Court or The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG former Justice of the High Court and current chairman.. read more →

UK barristers now allowed to conduct litigation

UK Bar Standards Board prohibition on self-employed barristers conducting litigation has been removed. For the first time, from early this year, barristers have the opportunity to compete directly with solicitors in managing litigation on behalf of clients from start to finish. Legal Futures has reported that, one of the first barristers authorised, Amanda de Winter, said her.. read more →

Barristers who practice in the International Legal market

Here is an excellent brochure explaining the roles of barristers who are available to appear in international legal disputes and the value they add to the resolution process. UK barristers that is! The brochure is published by the Bar Council of England & Wales. UK barristers in the International Legal Market read more →

Asia-Pacific legal market will double by 2017

I am posting this article on the 159th anniversary of the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Battle of Balaclava on 25 October 1854 (see below). A report by John Grimley*, the editor and publisher of the Asia Law Portal reports the prediction of Alan Hodgart, a London-based consultant to the profession to delegates from around the.. read more →

Australian legal industry reaches the globalisation tipping point

This article is taken directly from Beaton Capital’s website. Written by analyst Eric Chin, it charts the globalisation of the Australian legal industry.  The Founder of Beaton Capital, Dr George Beaton, is a respected commentator on, and consultant to Australia’s largest law firms. If you have not read his prescient messages before, you would be well.. read more →

Transport firm enters UK legal market to deliver “The Expert advice you need, without the Solicitor’s bills you don’t”

If you are a barrister who thinks that the change to a National profession is positively revolutionary then you would be astounded at what is happening in England (and Wales). Who would expect a transport company to set up a legal service?  Well that is exactly what Stobarts have done.  They explain why on the.. read more →

23 Feb 2013
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