Legal Eagles lost in the (i)Cloud

Claims by the unincorporated Australian Bar Association and the NSW Bar Association against Australian Barrister, Derek Minus regarding use of domain names claimed by the Associations has been denied by a World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) panel. Their decision was that: “The Panel is strongly of the view the Complainants should never have contemplated consolidation.. read more →

05 Sep 2014
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ABA nominates own members to resolve “austbar” name dispute

Another year, a new president and another law suit from the Australian Bar Association (ABA). Eschewing the opportunity to engage in a dispute resolution process with The Hon Murray Gleeson AC QC former Chief Justice of the High Court or The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG former Justice of the High Court and current chairman.. read more →

Countdown begins for common legal services market in NSW and Victoria

The New South Wales and Victorian governments have agreed on a uniform scheme for regulation of the legal profession in their two states. On Friday, 06 December 2013, Attorney-General for Victoria Robert Clark, and Attorney-General for NSW Greg Smith SC, signed an Intergovernmental Agreement on a Legal Profession Uniform Framework for the new scheme. The scheme will create.. read more →

AustBar Chambers fight and questions about the structure of the ABA

The recent legal claims by the Australian Bar Association (ABA) against AustBar Chambers in respect of misleading and deceptive conduct and passing off, has thrown into a sharp light, the structure of the ABA. The ABA is an unincorporated, unregistered and unrepresentative private association. Unincorporated In a surprising admission, the solicitor conducting the ABA’s pursuit.. read more →

OOPS! Australian Bar Association revealed to be UNINCORPORATED!

It has now been revealed by the solicitor pressing claims against Australasian Barrister Chambers (AustBar) of passing off and misleading and deceptive conduct, that the Australian Bar Association is an UNINCORPORATED body unable to sue (or to be sued) in its own name. Furthermore, it appears that the Australian Bar Association (ABA) is trading without a.. read more →

AustBar Chambers under threat as ABA serves Notice of Demand

ABA issues legal demand to close AustBar Chambers The ABA has followed up the letter of demand from its President, Michael Colbran QC to AustBar Chambers, with a legal Notice of demand for Undertakings to be given, under the threat that if they are not provided then “we have instructions to commence proceedings against you.. read more →

AUSTBAR: Is the ABA planning new services for Australian Barristers?

AUSTBAR Service for Australian Barristers If their recent trade mark filing activity is any guide, the Australian Bar Association (ABA) has big plans for new services for Australian Barristers. Instead of the fairly low-key website hosted by the ABA, which confines itself to articles principally centred around welcome speeches to new judges, the annual Bar.. read more →

AUSTBAR – the new monopolists plaything

Those people who believe in conspiracy theories might see some connection between the presence of that old monopolist, Bill Gates (ex head of Microsoft) in Australia recently to appear on the ABC’s Q&A program and the Australian Bar Association’s surreptitious filing of an application last week for the trade mark in the word AUSTBAR. The Australian.. read more →

AUSTBAR is this the new name for the Australian Bar Association?

AUSTBAR Trade mark In a surprise move, on Thursday 30th May 2013, trade mark attorneys acting on behalf of the Australian Bar Association (ABA), lodged an application with IP Australia for trade mark rights in the word AUSTBAR. The ABA by its trade mark application no. 1560119 is seeking rights in classes 9 (educational software and computer.. read more →

AUSTBAR trade mark the subject of ABA claim

AUSTBAR Trademark The Australian Bar Association (ABA) has hired a law firm to represent it in claiming ownership of the trade mark in the word “AUSTBAR“.  The law firm, Worthy of the Name Pty Limited, is a solicitor company that operates from a residential address in Burwood, a PO Box, and it appears, principally from its.. read more →

Lawyers Weekly writes about Australian Barrister Chambers

The Lawyers Weekly Magazine and its affiliate publishing arm, Wig & Chamber Newsletter have recently both featured articles about the imminent launch of the Australasian Barrister Chambers (AustBar) website. Read them here: Lawyers Weekly Magazine Wig & Chamber Newsletter   read more →