New proposed Barrister Rules limit on-line practice

From early in 2015, a “common legal market” will be established for Australian legal practitioners through the introduction of a new Legal Profession Uniform Law, at first involving only NSW and Victoria, but these two states hold over 70% of all lawyers. The Uniform Law, is intended to simplify and standardise regulatory obligations and will replace.. read more →

16 Jan 2015
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Latest News on a National Practice

From early 2015 the Legal Profession Uniform Law will change the way the legal profession is regulated. The Uniform Law creates a common legal services market across NSW and Victoria, encompassing almost three quarters of Australia’s lawyers. The scheme aims to harmonise regulatory obligations while retaining local performance of regulatory functions. How will the Uniform Law.. read more →

Livesey QC to be investigated by SA legal standards body

Mark Livesy QC, the newly annointed president of the Australian Bar Association, is to be investigated by the South Australian Legal Practitioners Conduct Board. Michael West, Sydney Morning Herald contributor, has reported that in a judgment published on 16 April 2014, Justice Kevin Nicholson of the SA Supreme Court has given the green light for a judicial.. read more →

Livesey QC new ABA President

The following report appeared in Lawyers Weekly (12 February 2014): Adelaide’s Mark Livesey QC has replaced Law Council of Australia head Michael Colbran QC as the president of the Australian Bar Association (ABA). Livesey is a member of Bar Chambers in Adelaide and was appointed silk in 2006. He was the ABA’s vice president under.. read more →

Countdown begins for common legal services market in NSW and Victoria

The New South Wales and Victorian governments have agreed on a uniform scheme for regulation of the legal profession in their two states. On Friday, 06 December 2013, Attorney-General for Victoria Robert Clark, and Attorney-General for NSW Greg Smith SC, signed an Intergovernmental Agreement on a Legal Profession Uniform Framework for the new scheme. The scheme will create.. read more →

AUSTBAR: Is the ABA planning new services for Australian Barristers?

AUSTBAR Service for Australian Barristers If their recent trade mark filing activity is any guide, the Australian Bar Association (ABA) has big plans for new services for Australian Barristers. Instead of the fairly low-key website hosted by the ABA, which confines itself to articles principally centred around welcome speeches to new judges, the annual Bar.. read more →

AUSTBAR – the new monopolists plaything

Those people who believe in conspiracy theories might see some connection between the presence of that old monopolist, Bill Gates (ex head of Microsoft) in Australia recently to appear on the ABC’s Q&A program and the Australian Bar Association’s surreptitious filing of an application last week for the trade mark in the word AUSTBAR. The Australian.. read more →

AUSTBAR trade mark the subject of ABA claim

AUSTBAR Trademark The Australian Bar Association (ABA) has hired a law firm to represent it in claiming ownership of the trade mark in the word “AUSTBAR“.  The law firm, Worthy of the Name Pty Limited, is a solicitor company that operates from a residential address in Burwood, a PO Box, and it appears, principally from its.. read more →

Lawyers Weekly writes about Australian Barrister Chambers

The Lawyers Weekly Magazine and its affiliate publishing arm, Wig & Chamber Newsletter have recently both featured articles about the imminent launch of the Australasian Barrister Chambers (AustBar) website. Read them here: Lawyers Weekly Magazine Wig & Chamber Newsletter   read more →

Australasian Barrister Chambers disclaimed by Bar Associations

The President of the Australian Bar Association, Michael Colbran QC, on behalf of his Association and every Australian Bar, has written to Australasian Barrister Chambers to disclaim any association with it. According to Mr Colbran: “The Australian Bar Association is concerned that people will be mislead into believing that your “virtual chambers” in some way.. read more →

AustBar Chambers announced to Australian Bar Associations

On 15 May 2013, a letter was sent today to the Presidents and chief executive officers of all Australian Bar Associations announcing the establishment of Australasian Barrister Chambers. The full text of the letter is provided below: “The legal environment in which barristers operate is changing and Australian barristers need to change with it. Last.. read more →

Why you had better be nice to in-house counsels

A power shift means law firms have to rethink their interaction with general counsels of major companies and governments, writes Trish Hyde*.  You would have to have had your head in the sand for over a decade to have missed the fact that businesses and governments are viewing their legal operations differently. General counsels have.. read more →

Federal Attorney-General Supports National Legal Profession

In an address in Melbourne last Thursday, the Federal Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfus, confirmed his support for reform of the national legal profession. He said he was personally strongly supportive of a truly national scheme for regulating the legal profession in Australia and implored all lawyers to help make a case to their respective law societies.. read more →

Big law firms merging, and going away?

The past twelve months have seen much activity  amongst the major Australian legal practices. Twenty years ago it was all about being a “national” legal practice. The big thing today is to be an “international” legal practice (or part of it). In the past year, four of the Big Six Australian law firms have merged.. read more →

07 May 2013
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QC’s to be reinstated?

On 12 December 2012, the Queensland Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, The Honourable Jarrod Bleijie announced that the Newman Government had received wide spread support from the Queensland Bar Association and the legal profession to revert to the traditional title of QC.  Senior members of the Queensland Bar, will again be commissioned as Queen’s Counsel as part.. read more →

In-house counsel cut out lawyers

Australia has nowhere reached the situation in the UK, where non-legal entities are consolidating legal work to send directly to barristers.  However, similar opportunities exist in Australia, where Australian Bar Associations have allowed their members to accept direct briefs for many years. In Australia, it is the corporate lawyers, striving to keep legal costs within budget, who.. read more →

NSW Bar introduces new “national practice” Rules

The NSW Bar Association has introduced new Barrister Rules that “reflect the uniform national rules of conduct prepared by the Australian Bar Association, the peak representative body for all Australian barristers“. The new Rules which take effect from 8 August 2011, represent another step towards the development of a uniform national system of practice for.. read more →