If you hold a current practising certificate that allows you to practise as a Barrister, then you are welcome to join Australasian Barrister Chambers by registering below and you will be advised if your listing has been accepted.
Membership of Chambers is on a month by month basis subject to our Terms & Conditions: Terms & Conditions

NOTE:  In publicising your information, AUSTBAR Chambers makes no endorsement of you, or of the accuracy of the information you have supplied.  You should be aware that many States and Territories have legislation that makes it an offence for a legal practitioner to hold themselves out as being a specialist or as offering specialist services, unless they actually have that expertise and experience, or are appropriately accredited.

Select the services below to build your personal Virtual Chambers.

Start with your membership Listing. Add a local telephone contact number in Sydney or Melbourne. Then choose a telephone answering service so you never miss your messages.
More services like Practice Management, Invoicing and electronic filing will be added,

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